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Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

Soldier & Family Readiness Branch

How's Army Life Treating You?

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Your Senior Leaders want to know. Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) provides the Army community a "voice" in shaping their standards of living and identifying issues related to the current environment. Through AFAP, all members of the Army, including Active, Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers, Family members, retirees, Surviving Spouses, and Department of the Army Civilians have a forum to voice issues or concerns to Army leadership and make recommendations for change.

An AFAP issue is any issue or concern that affects the readiness and well-being of Fort Hood or the Army. Some issues can be resolved locally, while some must advance to a higher command level for resolution. AFAP has been an effective Army program for over 29 years. Within that time, there have been over six hundred ninety one issues identified. AFAP has driven 128 legislative changes, 179 Army policy and regulatory changes and 200 improved programs and services.

Because of you and through AFAP, Fort Hood has accomplished several things, including the following:

    • A new iPhone/iPad application that features Fort Hood Family and MWR news, information for teens, events, and more.

    • Dining options on West Fort Hood

    • A full service facility with childcare on site to accommodate Soldiers and Family members (Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier & Family Readiness Center), with 110 additional parking spots recently added.

    • Monthly Deployment briefings for Family members of Soldiers who deploy independently.

    • The need to display the Motorcycle Safety Foundation card each time a motorcyclist enters Post has been eliminated.

    • Increased number of community life Non-Commissioned Officers to preside over On-Post Housing.

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Local installations are the grassroots level of AFAP, and it begins with you, your ideas, your recommendations, and most importantly, your voice!

Fort Hood reviews AFAP issues that have been submitted within the community annually. Issues are reviewed and prioritized by workgroups that are comprised of representation of America's Army in an atmosphere of education and decision-making.

Everyone is welcome to attend the “report out” session to Senior Leadership, as these issues may affect the quality of Army life for you, either here at “The Great Place” or Army-wide. After the top issues have been briefed to our Command staff, the issues are assigned action officers to work toward resolving the local issues. Command closely follows the status of these issues until the recommendation has been met and the issue can either be declared complete or deemed unattainable.

Anyone may submit an AFAP issue at anytime. Issues to be reviewed in 2013 must be submitted prior to the deadline of 5 Novermber 2013. The process is quite simple. Look for issue boxes throughout the community, click the issue form link below or log on to, select “Family Programs & Services”, click “Army Family Action Plan Issue Management System” and Submit New Issue.

Issues beyond the scope of Fort Hood are forwarded to Forces Command (FORSCOM), the next level of our major command. At FORSCOM these issues are reviewed and the top prioritized issues may be forwarded to the Department of the Army to worked at that level.

Still not quite sure of what AFAP is about? Contact your local AFAP office and we will gladly come to your unit, training or classroom setting for an overview.

If you are interested in being a part of the AFAP process and making a difference in your community or Army-wide, contact your local AFAP Office.

Remember, each AFAP success story originated as an idea that someone decided to pursue.

For additional information contact: Fort Hood AFAP Office Lane Volunteer Center, Building 16005, corner of T.J. Mills Boulevard & Old Ironsides Avenue (254) 287-AFAP (2327) Email: Click Here.

AFAP It’s how we’re changing the way the Army lives!

Last Revised 10/24/2013