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Fort Hood DFMWR Courses of Clear Creek Snack Bar

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Courses of Clear Creek Snack Bar

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The Courses of Clear Creek Snack Bar
Battalion Avenue at Clear Creek Road, Bldg 52381
Phone: (254) 287-4130
Fax: (254) 539-1911

Lunch is served daily at The Courses of Clear Creek snack bar from 10 am to 2 pm and is open on weekends, holidays and training holidays from 6 am to 4 pm.

Fort Hood�s own country club is located off of Clear Creek Road, easily accessible and open to the public. Showcasing a 27-hole championship golf course with all of the amenities of a private country club.

Courses of Clear Creek Price Guide

Nestled among the hills of Central Texas, the Courses of Clear Creek offers outstanding golf play for players from every level. Tournament packages are also available for any organization, from small groups to 125 - plus player shotgun events.

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