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The CYS Sensations quarterly magazine is a great resource about Child and Youth Services. Each edition will be full of activities, classes, programs, services, and special events information and schedules. more...
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Special Needs Accomodation Process
SNAP into gear and make the right choice for your child with the Special Needs Accommodation Process on Fort Hood. SNAP consists of a multi disciplinary team of professionals who assist Families on determining the safest, least restrictive and most appropriate placement for children, youth and teens requiring special care. In conjunction with the Army Community Service and Exceptional Family Member Program, SNAP is available to help establish child care, school-age, youth services or recreational sports and fitness activities that may help alleviate the stress on parents.

SNAP is designed to ensure your child, youth or teen is involved with the Child Youth & School Services that will promote positive interaction with peers, as well as stimulate physical involvement in extracurricular activities. SNAP’s ultimate goal is to help all children reach and realize their full potential while accommodating their special needs.
| Medical Action Plan Forms |

SNAP evaluates health, developmental, physical, social, emotional, learning, and behavioral issues that may affect your child. We are here to help decide placement for your child, youth or teen in CYSS programs. However, it is SNAP’s philosophy and goal, when reasonable, to honor personal choices for childcare, school age services and youth services, as well as participation in recreational activities for children.

As a parent, you are a vital member of this team. Your participation is strongly encouraged and valued. SNAP can be of greater assistance when provided with a brief history, outline of current symptoms/concerns and actions taken (rescue medicine, etc.).

Parents must register with the CYSS program at the Parent Central Services Office, located at 761st Tank Battalion Ave., Bldg 121, Rm 137. During the initial enrollment or re-registration, parents will complete the SNAP Screening Form, which will be reviewed by the Army Public Health Nurse (APHN). In some cases, the Medical Action Plan (MAP) will be provided for completion by the child’s doctor, stating the diagnosis and modifications that need to be made. The MAP will be reviewed by the APHN and forwarded to the Exceptional Family Member Program staff (EFMP), who will then contact parents for a SNAP appointment, if needed. A SNAP appointment, if required, will determine the best placement for your child in appropriate CYSS programs, and will be reviewed individually.

Does My Child/Youth Need a SNAP? ... visit the Exceptional Family Member Program Review the SNAP Health Screening Tool. If your answer is yes to any of these questions, SNAP is required

Fort Hood Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 287-6070
Fort Hood Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) 287-8029
Fort Hood CYSS Nurse Specialist 287-7438
Fort Hood Army Public Health Nurse (APHN) 287-6789

Health Screening Tool Medical Action Plan Forms