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CYSS Sensations
The CYSS Sensations quarterly magazine is a great resource about Child, Youth and School Services. Each edition will be full of activities, classes, programs, services, and special events information and schedules. more...

Parent Central Services
Bldg 121, Rm 140 - 761st Tank Battalion Ave.

CYSS Holiday Schedule


Monday-Friday 0730-1630

  • Appointments recommended for all registrations, both initial and renewal
  • Walk-in registrations are welcome until 1530 Monday-Thursday (appointments will have priority)
  • Registrations by appointment only on Friday

Payments, SKIESUnlimited and Youth Sports enrollments, document updates, wait list inquiries and general information are available during all hours of operation.

Parent Central Services will be open until 1730 each Wednesday (walk-in registrations welcome until 1630)! Call today for an appointment!

Phone: 254-287-8029 | Fax: 254-287-5123

Annual Registration is FREE

Families in or out processing to another installation now may communicate via e-mail to place their name on the waiting list for child care at the new installation.

Waiting ListWaiting List

  • Several options for child care are available on and off post. Some age groups may have a waiting list for center based care. To inquire about full day or part day child care, e-mail Parent Central Services.


  • CYSS Child Care Fees are based on Total Family Income

Documents required for registration
include the following:
  • Military / Civilian Identification Card
  • AKO email address required for Active Duty Military.
  • Shot Records - must be current at the time or registration
  • Proof of Parent(s) Income Leave & Earnings Statement / Pay Voucher
  • Health Assessment or Sports Physical (required for all children participating in Youth Sports & Fitness activities)
  • 3 Local Emergency Designees
  • Print and bring COMPLETED forms with you when you register your child. The following forms can be found at CYS Services Online.
    • Health Screening Tool #1 – one per child required
    • DoD Child Care Fee Application – one per family required
    • Health Assessment Form – to be completed by health care provider. Required for all children below 6th grade. New registrations only will be given one 30 day grace period.

Eligibility Requirements:
Eligible patrons include Active Duty military personnel, DoD Civilian personnel paid from both appropriated funds (APF) and non-appropriated funds (NAF), reservists on active duty or during inactive duty personnel training, and DoD Contractors.

Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP)
Children with asthma/respiratory disorders, allergies, dietary restrictions, diabetes, seizures, autism, or other health or behavioral concerns that require accommodation and/or medication, are required to complete SNAP. This process, which includes a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, assists Families in determining the safest, least restrictive, and most appropriate placement for children and teens.

IAW DA Regulations, complete and current immunizations are required for all CYSS participants. Exceptions based on religious and medical reasons must be submitted to Fort Hood Preventive Medicine. Exception requests will be approved or denied by Fort Hood Preventive Medicine. State of Texas Immunization Waivers and reasons of conscious will not be accepted.

U.S. Army Child & Youth Services

LearningRed Star - Availability

White Star - Affordability

Blue Star - Quality
CYSS Fort Hood Parent Handbook
Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Procedures
Teen Taxi
Give Parents a Break

CYS Services Online
Start new registrations, make payments on your monthly childcare fees, reprint receipts and tax statements or sign up for advertised SKIESUnlimited classes, Youth Sports or Special Activities. more...

CYSS Construction Projects - Building to Serve: One Brick at a Time
Fort Hood CYSS is expected to open nine new facilities to assist in reducing the conflict between the military mission workforce requirements and parental responsibilities. The availability of facilities, predictability of facility layout and design, and the consistency of facility standards across the Army and the Department of Defense have contributed to our programs being a model for the nation. more...
Your membership is funded by the DoD. Find sitters and military subsidized care providers right in your own neighborhood. more...

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