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CYS Sensations
The CYS Sensations quarterly magazine is a great resource about Child and Youth Services. Each edition will be full of activities, classes, programs, services, and special events information and schedules. more...

TeensYouth Services
Orientations held Monday – Friday, 6 pm
at all four youth centers.

Youth Centers are open 1200-2000,
Monday - Saturday

Middle school and teen programs to include activities, events, and projects that are age appropriate.

The following is just a sample of what we can offer your youth:

Computer Labs
ComputersEach center has a designated area where teens may learn or practice computer skills.

Youth Tech Labs play a dynamic role in daily club activities such as MyFuture, a Boys and Girls Club of Americas specialized initiative program. Through MyFuture curriculum, members can learn basic computer skills and also introduce them to more advanced computer skills like digital movie making, music making, photography, graphic design and web development.

After school, youths can also access the labs for homework and Internet surfing. Parents can be reassured that each tech lab is protected by, CYBERsitter, a content filtering software that complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Each user will be taught safe Internet skills before accessing any of the lab's computers.

SmileTeens may join the Middle School Keystone and Torch Clubs or the High School Teen Supreme Club. These clubs help teens learn and practice leadership skills. Club members assist staff in making rules, planning programs, decorating centers, provide community service, and evaluate teen programs and services. Middle School and High School teens have opportunities to have their voice heard by community command leaders; High School teens have opportunities to represent Fort Hood teens at forums and boards held throughout the United States. All trips are free of charge. Teens within the leadership program have opportunities for college scholarships and grants.

Special Interest Clubs
Big SmileVarious clubs are offered to support individual special needs, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the 4-H Clubs. These clubs curricula include Smart Girls, Passport to Manhood, Fitness Authority, Sewing, Photography, Arts & Craft, Gardening, and Better Living for Texas. Teens within clubs have competitive opportunities throughout the year. i.e. scholarships, Military Youth of the Year, etc

Teen Sponsorship
TeenTeen Sponsorship helps relocate youth to become familiar with their new home at Fort Hood and assists teens when moving to a new post. Each quarter a Hail & Farewell event is held.

Youth Centers are always looking for new teen sponsors. To participate, please contact the School Liaison Office (SLO) call 254-553-3340, email or visit: Child and Youth Services, Bldg. 121 (Rivers Bldg.), 761st Tank Battalion Ave., Fort Hood, TX 76544.

Workforce Preparation
Workforce Preparation helps teens prepare for youth employment and future careers. Middle School teens can participate in the Career Explorations Program. High School teens can participate in the Workforce Prep program. Workshops Available

Educational Assistance
ApplesEducational Assistance- The MS/T program has qualified homework instructors available to assist teens with homework and assist them with finding college scholarship & grants. Teens have fun, educational special activities offered. Our teachers help parents and teens enroll and be part of our Project Learn Program.

Just for Fun
Centers offer a wide variety of social activities, game rooms, and social areas. USDA Snacks are provided at no charge to all CYSS members Monday - Saturday.

U.S. Army Child, Youth & School Services

Red Star - Availability

White Star - Affordability

Blue Star - Quality

Comanche YC:
Building 52019, Tank Destroyer near Comanche III. Phone: 254-287-5834

High Chaparral YC:
Building 5485, past shoppette in Pershing Park. Phone: 254-287-5646

Bronco YC:
Building 6602, Tank Destroyer Blvd
Phone: 254-287-6745

Montague YC:

Building 70020, Clement Drive
Phone: 254-553-7662

CYSS Fort Hood Parent Handbook
Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Procedures
Teen Taxi
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CYS Services Online
Start new registrations, make payments on your monthly childcare fees, reprint receipts and tax statements or sign up for advertised SKIESUnlimited classes, Youth Sports or Special Activities. more...

Looking for tat Perfect Gift?
Give child care or school age care hours at one of Fort Hood’s nationally accredited facilities; SKIESUnlimited Class – such as gymnastics, Taekwondo or dance; or enrollment in one of the award winning sports programs.

Each gift certificate is personalized for the child care, class or program you would like to give. For more information on giving that perfect gift, call the CYSS Central Enrollment Office at 254-287-8029 or 254-288-3189.

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Events/items on this web site are subject to change, please call before making plans.