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Family Advocacy

Building 76020, Crockett Street
West Fort Hood
FAP, Family Advocacy Program Clipart

The Family Advocacy Program focuses on spouse & child abuse prevention through education & support programs, including:

Reporting/Crisis Intervention Services

254-287-Care Hotline

Installation Report Point of Contact (RPOC) - To receive reports of spouse/child abuse incidents and coordinate an emergency response for victims of family violence.  Telephone monitored by Family Advocacy Program (FAP) staff twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week.

Family Advocacy Victim Advocate Program


The FAVAP is a specialized function within FAP that provides comprehensive assistance and liaison to and for victims of spouse abuse, physical, emotional, neglect, and domestic violence sexual assault.  The program works cooperatively with military and civilian resources to adequately meet the needs of spouse abuse victims.

For more information about Domestic Violence please click here.

Command & Troop Education

Unit training: Required annual training for Soldiers IAW AR 608-18, Army Family Advocacy Program. Educates Soldiers on the dynamics of spouse and child abuse; command policy; community programs, services, resources; the identification, reporting, and referral process; and utilization of the
254-287-CARE Line for assistance. Training is available upon request. FAP Orientation is conducted during daily inprocessing briefings.

Family Advocacy Specialist Program (FASP):  Provides commanders with a mechanism through which education, training, and referral procedures can be established in their units to promote sound decision-making skills, increased knowledge on family stressors, the prevention of family violence, and a constant information flow of rehabilitation efforts.  Each battalion-sized element is assigned a Family Advocacy Specialist. Call 254-287-8989.

FAP Leadership Training:  Training available for all levels of command, from junior to senior, focusing upon the FAP, dynamics of abuse and strategies identified to assist Soldiers and their families in the prevention of spouse and child abuse. A presentation of available community programs, services, resources, Transitional Compensation Program, and the referral process is included. Classes are available upon request. 

Commander Desk Side Briefing:  An on-site presentation for commanders at all levels that provides an overview of the FAP; update of program initiatives; identification of command support required; trends/status of training and treatment mandates; prevention programs/services/resources; and review of the reporting/referral process. An updated Commander’s Reference Guide is provided.  Briefings are available upon request.

Education For Professionals

Professional Training:  Provided to mandated reporters (Child and Youth Services, medical, and law enforcement personnel) and community agencies on the identification, reporting, and treatment of spouse and child abuse; the referral process; available programs, services, and resources; and the prevention of family violence.

Domestic Violence Awareness Training for the Workplace:  Training designed to provide the civilian workforce with an overview of the dynamics of domestic violence and how it affects the workplace.  Safety measures and available resources are identified. Classes are conducted monthly and available upon request.

Spouse Abuse - Family Life Skills

Stress/Anger/Conflict Workshop: 6-hour workshop designed to assist participants to recognize the symptoms, causes, and effects of stress and introduce an array of stress management techniques. The workshop focuses upon anger management/conflict resolution strategies and techniques. Workshops are conducted the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, 0900-1600, Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier and Family Readiness Center, Building 18000.  Workshops are also available to units upon request. No cost child care is available upon request. For information, call 254-286-5338.

Relationship Enrichment Program (REP): Designed to equip couples with information, resources, strategies, and skills to identify problematic marital stressors, recognize danger signs, improve communication, manage anger and utilize effective conflict resolution techniques that will promote the building and maintenance of healthy relationships. The Program is comprised of a monthly workshop (conducted the 3rd Wednesday of each month, Oveta Culp Hobby Soldier and Family Readiness Center), quarterly off-post retreats, and specialty classes. Child care is available at no cost upon request. For registration or additional information, call 254-618-7584, or 254-286-6774. 


Safety Education

Expect Respect (DATING VIOLENCE PREVENTION)An educational class for units, teens, parents, school counselors, youth service agencies, and family members. Topics include:  Dating Rights/Responsibilities, Communicating Assertively, Jealousy, Dating Pressures, Building Healthy Relationships, Abuse and Respect. Classes are available upon request. For more information or to schedule training call 2254-618-7586, or 254-286-6774.

McGruff "Safe House" Program: A child safety program that provides a temporary safe haven for children who find themselves in emergency or frightening situations such as being bullied, followed, or hurt while walking, playing or interacting in an on-post neighborhood.  Safety support is provided by trained volunteers that include Fort Hood community housing residents, Family Child Clare (FCC) providers, Child Development Center staff, and Youth and School Age Services Center staff. Volunteer training is conducted monthly or scheduled upon request. For more information call 254-287-6505.

Save-A-Tot/Boost-A-Youth Program: A program designed to educate military parents on child car seat safety. Resource packets are distributed. Parents engage in “hands-on” exercises with trained technicians as seats are installed and safety checks administered the last Friday of each month.  The service is open to all military ID cardholders by appointment only. Classes are available upon request. Children must be present during the safety check. Exchanges or free car seats are not issued as a part of the program.
Call 254-287-6505.

Child Safety:  Educational training presented to address child safety:  internet safety, personal awareness, identification kits, environmental safety, peer and adult support/influence, high risk behaviors, communication skills, danger signs, and exploitation.  Scheduled classes are conducted.  Training is also available upon request. For more information call 254-287-6505.


Support Groups & Parenting Education

Single Soldier Parent Network: Develops communication and assistance for single Soldier parents through networking, information sharing, and mutual support. Group meets 2nd Tuesday of each month, 1130-1300. For more information, call 254-287-1763. THE GROUP IS OPEN TO ALL FORT HOOD SINGLE PARENT SOLDIERS.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP) Ages 3 and Under: Provides in-home visitation, therapeutic support, information/referral, and resource assistance to Army families. NPSP attempts to reduce the likelihood of child abuse, neglect and spouse abuse through community education and the promotion of healthy family functioning. Parent Training, a New Parent Support Group and Explore, Learning and Play (interactive playgroup) activities are offered.
Call 254-287-2286 or visit the NPSP Office in Bldg. #290, Battalion Ave and 37th Street.

Common Sense Parenting: Ages 4-12: The forum is comprised of a weekly parenting education program and support group designed to introduce parenting styles; identify/address military parenting issues, challenges, and stressors that impact relationships, understand family dynamics; develop/enhance parenting skills, discuss child management techniques, and explore child development issues. Quarterly workshops/holiday activities offered. Call 254-618-7443

Active Parenting/Teen Challenge: Ages 13-18: A six hour training and open discussion for parents and teens that meets quarterly. Parents will gain knowledge, skills, and insight to guide teens through the turbulent periods associated with adolescence. Teens will become aware of information, resources, and skills to assist in effectively managing the changes and challenges of adolescence. Call 254-287-1763 or
254-286-6774 for class dates and locations.


 FAMILIES IN CRISIS: Established to provide emergency shelter and support services to victims of family violence and sexual assault. Services include a 24-hour emergency hotline (1-888-799-SAFE), immediate safe shelter, provision of food and clothing, transportation and crisis intervention counseling. Families in Crisis also provides referrals for medical, legal, and social services in the community. Call 634-1184 for more information.

Last Revised 2/8/2017