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Fort Hood DFMWR Sportsmen's Center

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Conservation Violation fine amounts for Title 10 and Title 16 United States Code Violations have increased!!

Fort Hood Hunting & Fishing Advisory Council Meeting
9 July, 5 pm - 6:30 pm - Open to the public
Please submit suggestions by 1 July so responses can be provided at the 9 July meeting. Suggestions for the advisory council must be in writing and include contact information. Suggestions may be turned in at the Sportsmen's Center or may be emailed to

Borrowing Weapons to Hunt: Individuals can "Loan" their weapons to individuals to use. The individual borrowing a weapon must present a copy of the weapons registration and a letter from the owner of the weapon stating he is allowing the person to borrow their weapon.

Fort Hood officials closed the House Creek Bridge on West Range Road more...

New Laws for fishermen concerning Zebra Mussels: available here

Sportsmen's Center
Sportsmen's Center LogoRod and Gun Club Loop, 53rd Street and Murphy Road, Bldg 1937
Phone: 254-532-4552

The Sportsmen's Center encourages and furthers the interest in hunting, fishing; and other outdoor recreation activities. The facility is devoted to the conservation and presentation of wildlife, their habitats and environment; the sports of hunting, fishing and archery, and the recreational use of guns for skeet, trap or other target shooting. The club offers a gathering place for sportsmen, complete with snack bar, pro shop, hunt control office and skeet range. The Sportsmen's Center also consists of, a playground, picnic areas and party rooms. Additionally, an equine boarding stable is managed by the Sportsmen's Center. This facility is open to the public.

Jan, Feb, Mar, Jun, Jul Hours of Operation:

• Monday - Wednesday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
• Thursday & Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
• Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Apr, May and Aug to Dec Hours of Operation:
• Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
• Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sportsmen's Center closed: July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas
Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day

The Sportsmen's Center Pro Shop carries a wide variety of hunting, fishing, skeet shooting and other outdoor equipment. Fishing bait is also available. State hunting and fishing licenses and Fort Hood hunting and fishing permits are for sale. Come on down and browse around!

Hunting - Seasons
The Hunt Control Center is located in the Sportsmen's Center Pro Shop. Hunt Control provides information on hunting and fishing requirements on Fort Hood and administers both gun and archery annual turkey and deer hunt programs. Hunt Control runs Tele Trac, the hunting area reservation telephone registry system. Hunting Guidelines:

There are five requirements to hunt on Fort Hood
1. State License (Soldiers get free State "Super Combo" License with proof of 6 months Texas residency)

  • Proof of residency for this license are: military service record indicating Texas is the person’s home of record or that the person’s duty station for the six months immediately prior to the time of application is in Texas.

Available at Sportsmen's Center 254-532-4552
2. Fort Hood Permit
Available at Sportsmen's Center  254-532-4552
3. Access Card
Available at Area Access Control in Sportsmen's Center Pro Shop 287-5847
4. Firearm Registration
Register at the Provost Marshal's Office 287-4001, corner of 58th Street and Battalion Avenue, or at the Visitor’s Center at main gate. (all guns must be registered including black powder and muzzleloaders)
NOTICE: 190-11, August 2014 - Firearm registrations will have a 4-year expiration date. If you have not updated in the last 3 years access will be denied.

Bringing weapons onto post? Mandatory registration at Visitor Welcome Center
All persons transporting firearms subject to registration requirements WILL carry Fort Hood Form 190-19.

  • Do not bring personal firearms on post before registering them
  • You must declare firearms at gate after registered
  • All gates open to registered firearms access

5. Hunter Education Certificate

All Saturday Classes start at 10 a.m. and end approximately 3:00 p.m.  All Sunday Classes start at 1 p.m. and end approximately 6:00 p.m. All classes are conducted at the Sportsmen’s Center. No pre-registration required. First come/first served.

• March 28 – Saturday • September 19 - Saturday
• March 29 – Sunday • September 20 - Sunday
• April 25 – Saturday • October 17 - Saturday
• May 23 –Saturday • October 18 -Sunday
• July 18 – Saturday  • November 21 - Saturday
• August 22 –Saturday • November 22 - Sunday
• August 23 –Sunday • December 19 - Saturday

***The free version of the TPWD online course can be found at:

NOTE: DO NOT use the online course that charges you $15, use the free one above.
There will be a $15 per person cash fee at time of the classroom portion. Contact numbers for instructors: Dennis (254) 535-1402 or Odie (254) 394-0339.

NEW OPTION FOR THOSE 17 YEARS AND OLDER: You may take the whole course online and print your temporary certificate from your computer (permanent card will be mailed to you). TPWD website and follow the link provided for this option. (You must pay for this option online.) Youth 16 and under do not qualify for this option.

Area Access Update

Fort Hood Hunting Permit Rates:
  • Cat I / Active Duty E1-E4 $48
  • Cat I / Active Duty E5 and above $65
  • Cat II / Retirees and DoD Civilians $65
  • Cat III / Pure Civilians $125
  • Youth Big Game Permit (all categories) $15
  • Special 5-Day Permit (all categories/not for big game) $40

Skeet Range


Bringing weapons onto post? Mandatory registration at Visitor Welcome Center
All persons transporting firearms subject to registration requirements WILL carry Fort Hood Form 190-19.

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 3 pm

Round Fees:
Each round includes 25 targets
  • Non-Members $7.00
  • Members $5.00
  • Members E1-E4 | Range Officer $4.00

Membership: Single or Family $40
(Oct 1-Sep 30 annually)

Shotgun Rental:
Available in the Sportsmen's Center Pro Shop for $5/day

  • Free usage of shotguns (limited quantity/first come, first served) to Soldiers with valid ID

Fishing - FAQ's
The Department of Public Works Natural Resources Branch in coordination with Texas Parks and Wildlife, stock the lakes and ponds on Fort Hood. Certain ponds in the summer, are stocked with catfish.

To find out where the fish are, check out the current stocking report available at the Sportsmen's Center.

Fishing Requirements: 
1. State Fishing License-
Available at the Sportsmen's Center 254-532-4552
2. Area Access Card-
Available at Area Access Control in the Sportsmen's Center Pro Shop 287-5847
3. Fort Hood Fishing Permit ($17)-
Available at the Sportsmen's Center 254-532-4552

Area Access Registration
Required for everyone to access Ft. Hood land for conducting any recreational activity. Ticketable Offense - Call 287-5847 for more info.

Bringing weapons onto post? Mandatory registration at Visitor Welcome Center
All persons transporting firearms subject to registration requirements WILL carry Fort Hood Form 190-19.

Archery Range
Same hours as Pro Shop
Must sign in for the archery range at the Sportsmen's Center Pro Shop
$6/day/shooter • $25 annual pass per shooter • during daylight hours • Must have own equipment

Hunt & Saddle Equine Boarding
The 76-stall Hunt & Saddle Stables is located east of the Visitor Center at the main gate. The stables are designed for boarding privately owned horses. The facility offers a tack room with attached paddock for each horse. For additional information, prices and availability contact the Sportsmen's Center at 254-532-4552.


Picnic Sites
Barbecue pits with water and electricity available

Party Rooms
Sportsmen's Center has indoor party rooms that can accommodate company size parties. Party trays and meals can be provided upon request. Check on special prices. Breakfast meetings available.

Playground area to accommodate kids.

To accommodate your outdoor party requirements - let the Sportsmen's Center cater your next party.

Bringing weapons onto post? Mandatory registration at Visitor Welcome Center

All persons transporting firearms subject to registration requirements WILL carry Fort Hood Form 190-19.

All recreational activity on Fort Hood is only authorized by the Area Access Program. Contact the Sportsmen's Center at (254) 532-4552 or (254) 287-5847 for more details.

Examples of authorized recreational activities include, but not limited to: sightseeing, bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, biking, hunting & fishing.


Skeet Shooting


Skeet Shooting
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